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Monday, June 25, 2018

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Finally Arrived in Huenfeld

Another beautiful day in Germany brought the school boys to the group along with Fr Michael Twigg, making our ensemble officially complete. Tired and weary eyed, they meshed into the group with fantastic enthusiasm and ease.
A short bus ride to Huenfeld brought us to the gathering of Oblate youth from all over the world. After meeting some awesome people and receiving a bag of a few goodies, we were driven the parishes of St Michael and St Sebastian who joined forces to demonstrate the extent of the impressive German hospitality.
We were welcomed with the warmest of hearts and arms into our host families’ homes. Their hospitality is a true indication of the wonderful people that we are staying with and a great example of pure German love. After a relaxing afternoon we returned to the parish, beckoned by the echoing church bells ringing especially for our arrival, for the official welcoming of the group into the community, singing and worshipping, convened in both English and German.
Afterwards a so called “simple” dinner was provided, which stands up against the whole of the cuisine that we experienced in France. You’ll all be pleased to know that after a long drought, vitamins and minerals have finally made their way back into our bodies! Long live vegetables!! We are most satisfied by the meal we shared with these wonderful people. All the host families are very generous and loving. We honestly can’t praise them enough; they’re being such brilliant surrogate families for us all and we can’t believe our good fortune in scoring such legendary hosts! 
Kyle and Brendan Williams were placed in the care of the Captain of the police, which seems justified. Loretta and Rose are staying with the German equivalent of Miss Vicki, parish secretary. All is well in Hunfeld and smiles are wide and many abound on the faces of all concerned.

For now we say Goodbye and Prost! (Cheers!)

Tchuess, Kyle and Carmen

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