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Monday, June 25, 2018

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World Youth Day Updates

Rome - The eternal city

more photos from Madrid

Few Photos from Madrid
Just a few photos from the last few days.  A proper update will follow, most importantly we have all survived 40 degree heat followed by rain and gail force winds during the sleep out.

Stations of the cross
Catechesis and stations of the cross from Spain.  (*** Photos have been added)

Welcome of the Pope
The Pilgrims welcome the Pope to World Youth day.

A few more photos from Madrid

Farwell Malaga... Hello Madrid
Leaving Malaga and off to Madrid the pilgrims are closing in on the World Youth Day celebrations.

Mass, paella and a hot sun
The group spent their final days in Malaga with a closing mass along with a delicious lunch and a hot summer day.

A full day of the International Oblate Youth Encounter
The pilgrims spend a full day at the International Oblate Youth Encounter and share their musical talents.

A full day in Malaga
A full day in Malaga after the opening ceremony with a gym floor and an Irish Provence.
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