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Monday, June 25, 2018

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Day 4


Day 4 – Wednesday.

Another day full of activities has just been had and it is sad to know that this is our last full day together before we leave the campsite tomorrow and head back to the reality of our lives. It started with Morning Prayer led by the pink group which featured the story of how Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and also taught about the journey that we have gone on.

 We then moved on to our final workshop which we are sure by now you are wondering what are these workshops that we have been referring to for the last few days. Well never fear they will be now explained to you now.


There are five workshops all based on the beatitudes which is the theme of our encounter. First was about social, presented by Fr Leo Mifsud, where we had the opportunity to explore the concept of just war and maintaining peace in community.

The second was about the environment, with Fr Gerry Conlan, and how we can help to improve the world by living in it in a sustainable way.

The third was about our personal selves, as presented by Rob and Julie Zaar and Fr Michael Twigg, and focused on love in all its forms and how the world and sin can get in the way of it.

The fourth was a question and answer session, with various Fathers including Fr Mark Edwards and Fr Tony Maher and facilitated by Kim Brady, where we were given the opportunity to question oblates and seek answers to some of our questions.

The last was a liturgy, with Fr Christian Fini, where as you have heard each of the groups was given an opportunity to put together one of the liturgies throughout the camp.


 We moved on to lunch which was nachos, which we must add were very filling and yummy. We then had community time where more card games were played including the ever increasing popular game of spoons and also many chats were had.


We moved into a whole group workshop which we learnt about world youth days of the past and present, also learnt about the wonderful things that the oblates do throughout the world including the partners in mission program. Since we were talking about all things global, we were lucky enough to have a live link up with our friend from China.

 We had dinner followed by mass prepared by the red team. We shared in Eucharist as a community, which was very moving and full of quiet time to collect our thoughts and reflect on our time on this encounter. Fini in a way Fini only could talked about real happiness, Google, and the beatitudes. The candles were sent out into the communities

 A celebration followed in the main meeting space with music and dancing until later on in the night. With only clean up and pack up in the morning this was the last chance to celebrate together on this encounter.

 The encounter was a marvellous experience and was thoroughly enjoyed. A big thank you to all the team and especially Jess who was up late every night writing these updates, a joy that some of you have experienced yourselves.


Peace, and thanks for following our story.

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