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Monday, June 25, 2018

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Day 4


Activity Overview

  • Morning Prayer
  • Shared Experience Workshop
  • Group Forum
  • Pack up and depart

Daily Summary

Our last day saw the happy campers awoken by Ferg and his delivish use of the Air horn. The campers must have been well awake by the time Ferg had finished because the horn started leaking and had well and truly seen it's last wake up call.
The blasting was followed by a pancake breakfast which was enjoyed immensly by all.

Morning prayer saw the group gathered around the fire site in preparation for a sending out. Like the seventy sent out by Christ we are asked to go out into the world with all that we have in our hearts. We must also leave behind all that holds us back. Symbolically we threw sand behind us with all that we leave behind on our journey forwards.

After prayer we had a workshop and our final animation. We were told that any good vintage is a vintage that is made again. We have to repeat the process of preparing, tending and yielding again and again if we are to continue to reap the harvest. After this workshop we heard from the national co-ordinators about the various ways we share our charism with each other. Damien spoke about the internet and (which you are visiting) and how we can share our lives and faith with others in this tool of the modern age. Helene gave a brief overview of the history of the National Oblate Youth Encounter and how it has grown and shaped and changed along the way. Marc and some friends spoke about youth groups and how they are different and how they get involved in the local and national church community. Ferg was last to talk and spoke about how the pentecost celebration is at the heart of all that we do in Oblate Youth.

After this we spent some time in state groups discussing the future and present of Oblate Youth. What we like, what we would like to change, what we want from Oblate Youth and how we can go out to others. This discussion serves to try and promote Oblate Youth around the country but also to make sure that it continues on in the direction that will reap the most rewards.

After this we had to pack up and clean up all our equipment and belongings before departing. After another fantastice meal we had to say goodbye to Forest Edge Camp and be on our way.

We enjoyed our time immensely and we thank you for reading along with us on our journey.

Peace to all.

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